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For more than 15 years of teaching, FCC teachers have accumulated a lot of valuable experiences from teaching weak students with C and D grades in their academic records. Teachers discovered effective teaching methods and achieved many exceptional results. Some students with special education at school but achieved an ATAR of 95. There was a student who aimed to get into pharmacy but due to her low results in math within her school, it caused her to be very discouraged and unmotivated. However, after joining FCC, her results for math drastically improved from low 80% marks to strong HSC mark of 93 and was able to receive entry into Pharmacy at University of Sydney. Another student, who was scoring marks of 60% in English improved significantly by coming to FCC. Her final HSC English mark was 84 and it allowed her to pursue her career as an English teacher. FCC strongly believes that there are no weak or bad students but there are only students who know how to study and there are those who don’t know how to study. FCC will teach students how to learn Math, Physics, Chemistry and English with FCC’s own resources that are adjusted to explain the curriculum well in conjunction to the tutor’s explanation from their own teaching experiences. FCC is a dedicated and responsible tutoring centre who will help and guide students regardless of their difficulties and struggles in learning.


In 2001, FCC – Fundamental Coaching Centre began by tutoring one primary school student who achieved entry into Macquarie Field High School. Through word of mouth, the following years resulted in an increase in the number of students registered to study at FCC. First to seven, then twelve and then to twenty-five one-on-one classes. FCC was therefore founded, as a result of well teaching.

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FCC is also the result of great effort, working patiently and hard-work. There are many students who lose their basic math skills such as the many 5th or 6th graders that are still not able to remember their times-tables. Some of our past students include a fourth grader who had to repeat year 4 within their school. Others were year 7 students who could not do simple calculations of multiplying two digits numbers with single digit numbers. We have even received students who have gotten expelled from other centres. However, FCC teachers, rather than being discouraged, they do not discriminate nor complain, however, they try their best to help the students overcome any difficulties encountered at school as well as their learning difficulties.

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